Who I am

    If I could answer that question in less than 1024 characters, here is how I would describe me.

    I'm JonHunt. You can call me that, or you can use my pseudonym, Interacti. I am 21, and male, and single, but I'm not looking for a relationship at this point in my life. I love talking to people of all kinds, about almost anything. Here are the important things you should know. I work at a printer reselling company, doing a job I'm way over qualified for, and getting paid about as much as I'm qualified to be paid. I drive a 1985 Dodge Caravan, and if I ever buy another car, it will be another Caravan (they are very useful). I know quite about about computers of all kinds. I think TiVo is the greatest invention since mini-refrigerators. I like Digimon and Law and Order. With regard to religion, I am a non-practicing deist (look it up). I'm a New England republican. I'd think I'd be attractive if I wasn't obese. I discriminate against only one thing, stupidity. 

    But that doesn't tell the whole story. Perhaps you want some more information. Lets start at the beginning.

    I lived in Tiverton, RI from the time I was born until 1989. My first sister was born in 1984. I moved to Westport (where I live now then). My mothers mother had died in 1986, and my mother's mother's father had just been admitted to a nursing home (he was in his 90s) in 1988. So my mother's father gave us the house in Westport, and we sold the one in Tiverton, and redid the attic to be mine and my sisters bedroom, and built an apartment for my grandfather off the house. In 1990, my second sister was born.  In 1997, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my fathers mother died of cancer. In 1998, my mothers father died, and in 2000, my mother died. My fathers father died before I was born (I think). We now rent the apartment out, and my father, two sisters and myself live here.

    I went to Ranger School  well before there was a ranking system for state schools. Now its 66/185. Ranger was a small school that was overpopulated, but It never bothered me. I completed up to third grade there. Then I started in the Westport Public Schools (whose website is pathetically out of date, it was last updated when I was still in school). I didn't adapt well to Westport. I pretty much had no friends until I met Gary (Wedgieman) in 7th grade. Gary had just moved to Westport as well. Later on, I met Robbie (watch how gracefully I move on), and Jon W. (I haven't seen him in years) as well as Jay Fournier (how we met is a bizarre story, I'll write an article about it). And Nate (who makes LiveRPG) and  And Jenn (who rocks), and Keith, Sarah, Kristen (all from the WHS Villager -  I'll write an article about them too). Also, Lisa, Meredith, Val, Joy, Matt from Texas (only to distinguish from other Matts'). Then school was over, and I met The Angry Chicken (who would probably want to be referred to as that rather than his actual name) and Matt (another one). 

    I worked servicing computers in 1996 during the summer, and then in the summer of 1997, I worked at Handy Hill (an article will follow), at which my older sister now works. Then I started at Swecoin in August 1997. I've done some side computer work since then, but not much.

    During high school, my main pastime was programming. In 1994, I was programming Utica, a game that was never completed (the source was loss due to my stupidity). In 1997, I programmed a demo called Relics that apparently inspired many people to do good things with QuickBasic. In 1999, Nate and I were programming a RPG design engine called RPG 2, but it fell through because we ran out of memory. Nate and I were working on LiveRPG together, but he decided to take the project in a different direction, so I'm no longer involved. Nowadays I design programs for where I work. I've designed two printer command tools, and a font editor.

    I also have gone to see many a movie, and enjoyed many a fine meal.

   For everything else, go look at the articles.