Where I Work

    I work for a company named Swecoin US Inc. Their website is pretty lousy now, but it is supposed to be redesigned soon ( I would offer, but it would look a lot like this site, and who needs two interacti.net sites).  The Swedish site (which is in English) is much prettier. Swecoin is a thermal printer manufacturing company based in Middletown, RI. I'm a "Technical Specialist", which is a fluff title as far as I'm concerned (but they had to put something on my business card). I do a little programming, order packing, warranty service and handle the shipping paperwork.

    When I originally started working at Swecoin in 1997, It was located in Tiverton, RI, in a building that, to be honest, was less than desirable. Basically two large rooms that were divided by tables and cubicle dividers, but it had a lovely view of the water. The people who worked for the company were very nice.

     In December of 2000, Swecoin US Inc. moved to Middletown, RI, which is an additional travel of about 30 minutes.  Lets look at the map, courtesy of MapQuest. Location one is where I live. Location 2 is where Swecoin Us Inc. is now, and location 3 is where it used to be, and to make matters worse, the bridge near the top of the map I go over has terrible traffic due to construction. The bridge is in such a state of disrepair that in three years, it will have to be replaced, if that should happen while I'm still working there, I would have to travel an additional hour and a half to get to work. Lets hope that never happens. 

    As for the actual company, It is an excellent place to work, and in my opinion produce a quality product. The thermal printers they manufacture make aren't designed for consumer use, but rather for use in kiosk and receipt printing applications.