Things that Rock

    There are lots things in my life that I just enjoy way too much. Because you clicked the link, here are some things I think rock. For your convenience, I've divided them into a couple categories. 

TV shows that rock

Malcolm in the Middle

    Malcolm in the Middle is great. I see so many things from my family in that show that I just can't stop watching it. Another thing I really like about it is its design. Though it is a 21-minute comedy show, it has no laugh track (as a general rule I don't watch shows with laugh tracks), and the acting is believable. It is on your FOX affiliate on Sundays at 8:30 P.M.

The Simpsons

    The Simpsons has been one of my favorite TV shows since its inception in 1989. Its numerous social references and hilarious antics make it each episode enjoyable well through three viewings. Though it did have its rough times, it has been producing first class product recently, and is definitely good for a laugh. The later episodes (from 1994 on) are much better in my option, than the first few years. Its air night is Sundays at 8:00 P.M., but most FOX affiliates carry additional episodes in syndication. Check your local listings. 

Family Guy - (website no longer exists) 
IMDB Family Guy Site

In perhaps the biggest blunder ever, Fox is no longer showing episodes Family Guy. Family Guy was about a family living in Rhode Island, and was hilarious. Like the Simpsons, Family Guy was about a dysfunctional family, however, the comedy was much more dark, much more dense, and much more crass. A friend of mine has found all the family guy episodes on the internet, and they are excellent. They should get rid of King of the Hill and replace it with this hilarious show.


    Another excellent FOX show, Futurama is the successor to The Simpsons for Matt Groening. The show has the same animation styling, and same comedy style as the Simpsons, but set against a background so different, that the series is enjoyable all by itself. Unfortunately, no more new episodes are being made. 

Law and Order

    Law and Order is the only show I will watch on NBC. It manages to embody an interesting story every week without going soft and too "feely" like every other NBC show (like the lame rip-off Law and Order:SVU). The characters are interesting, and the stories tie in very well. The side stories of the characters are somewhat weak, but it doesn't detract from the show.

Star Trek

    What kind of geek would I be if I didn't like Star Trek. Despite its many flaws, its still enjoyable television. The Next Generation was my favorite series, Voyager was also good, and I'm just catching up on Deep Space 9. I don't care too much for the original series. It is also the only UPN show I will watch. UPN is such a terrible network, and they tried very hard to ruin the series (like with the special guest appearance of the Rock of the WWF). The next Star Trek series, Enterprise, is a prequel to the original series, which could be very interesting. 

Who's Line is it Anyway (Original Version)
Who's Line is it Anyway (ABC Version)

    Who's Line is it Anyway is a hilarious improvisational show that's now on ABC. Its pretty much just as good on ABC as it it was when it was in the UK from Hat Trick Productions. Clive Anderson was good, but so is Drew Carey. ABC watered the show down some, and made it a little more "American", but its good ideas shine through. The Hat Trick version is on the Comedy Central Network at various times. The ABC version is on Thursdays at 8:00 and 8:30 PM. 

Stores that rock

    Wal-Mart just rocks. Their prices cannot be beat, and they are pretty darn convenient. Many people hate them, but I'm honestly don't care how many other stores they put out of business, as long as they have the best price. 

Building #19

    Building #19 is a local salvage and recovery chain store. I've got some really excellent deals from them, and they have good customer service. Their website is pretty lousy, and their stores are pretty messy and disorderly, but I love them just the same.

Ocean State Job Lot

    Along the same lines as Building 19, there is Ocean State Job lot. They carry many things and over the years I have found some really excellent buys there. They pop up in low-rent commercial areas, and are good to have around.
Big and Tall Casual Male

    Big and Tall is a great store. It has clothes that fit me, and plus, they don't overcharge, are very helpful and anything they don't have, they can order. They are just a nice store to have around.

Places that rock
My town
Providence, RI
The Wrentham Outlet Mall
Northern Vermont

Food that rocks (hmm. Foods that rock?)
Kraft Premium Macaroni and Cheese
Newport Creamery's Awful Awful (its a drink)
West Main Pizza

Electronics that rock

Other rocking things.
Dodge Caravans

Things That Suck

       Naturally, there are things that suck. If there weren't things that suck, everything would have to be mediocre or better, and what fun is that. However, I can't think too many things that suck right now, so as I think of them I will add them.