The EBay Page

    The purpose of this page is to clue you in on my e-bay policies and information about what I'm selling. Lets start with some policy.
    On EBay, my username is RedCowEntertainment. Just because red cows are fun.

  The things I sell on EBay are usually things I bought at one time, and just don't need anymore. Over the years, I have been involved in many projects, and a lot of them required the purchase of equipment for a single use (sometimes the equipment never even got used). Some was purchased on EBay, some at local stores, some I bought from individual parties, and there is quite a bit of it. 

    All the things I sell, I test thoroughly. I ship all the auctions from where I work via UPS, so if you buy something, it will ship the day after I receive your payment. For payment in my auctions I accept cash (though I don't recommend it - if it gets lost in the mail, I am not responsible, and you relinquish certain rights by using cash in transactions) and Money Order. For small transactions less than 15$, I accept PayPal. I will accept PayPal for larger amounts, but there is a significant processing fee involved. Please contact me in advance for more information.

    For shipping, I charge the actual UPS cost rounded up to the nearest dollar. I can send any using any of the UPS services, but I usually send shipments via  UPS Ground. For shipments outside the US, there are less shipping options available, and shipping is very costly.

   All of my items include a DOA warranty, nothing more, nothing less.

    Now on to my items.

    My Items currently listed on EBay