Amusing Things

    Here is a quick inventory of this page.

   Old Websites
   My Music

Old Websites

    Like a good male human, I never through anything away, ever. What I've collected here are two websites I designed in the past, for your amusement. I found reviewing them pretty funny.

    The first is a website that I designed in August 1998 in a couple days. It sat on for a while, but no one ever visited it, so I stopped paying the 2$ per month to have it hosted. Here it is again in all its lack of glory.

    This site is presented in exactly the way it was presented when it was installed on Meganet, errors and all. All of the links on its links page are long since broken, and as of right now, none of the files are up. 

Interacti's Home Page (circa 1998)

Bonus Pages

   Here are some pages from the above website that never linked up. They aren't too amusing, but enjoy them anyway.

Other Photos Page
Things Page

My Music 

    When I was younger, I took several years of piano lessons, which has developed into a life-long love for many kinds of music. After five years of service in my high school band, I began some composing. Initially I composed on the piano, and eventually migrated to MIDI. On this page you can find some of my music in MIDI and MP3 form, as well as some sound fonts that are indispensable.