JonHunt on AIDS

    AIDS exists for a reason. If evolution wanted to kill off all of humanity, it would have simply made AIDS airborne, and poof, our existence is over. But that wasn't evolutions' goal. AIDS is transferred through a specific type of behavior, and thus targets a specific group of people.
    It targets people who are sexually overactive and people who are IV Drug users.
    Gay and straight persons who make the choice to have many sexual partners are not desirable to the human gene pool. (I can hear the crowds booing now).  If I were physically desirable, and had hoards of beautiful ladies swooning over my sweet ass, sex is something I would place in the 3-4 year queue, but many others in my species would not. Humans were not meant to copulate with multiple partners. Polygamy is considered a sin for a reason, because it hurts relationships and provides a poor environment in which to raise new humans.
Do not misunderstand, I do know that there are accidental infections, through blood and by birth, and through non-disclosure of previous relationships. I won't dare go as far as to say that they deserve it. That is a judgment I am by no means fit to make, but with regard to drug use, my opinion differs. 
   Drug use is something I am wholeheartedly against. A friend of mine who I cared for very much once used them, and after several months of tolerating it, I gave up and abandoned any hopes of maintaining  a friendship (and yes, I am bitter about it). Drugs are stupid, and so are the people who use them, everyone in today's society knows better.  People choose to use drugs, and if they choose to use drugs in a way they could be infected with AIDS, it is entirely their fault, and they do disserve it. If people are so unstable that they think that shooting up drugs is a solution to their problems, then why do we need them in the gene pool. I understand that it sounds very harsh, but think about it, can you name a good point to counter this?
  The fact is this: People who participate in risk behaviors may get AIDS simply because of their behavior. It is clear to me that AIDS, like cancer and homosexuality (more booing from the left) are devices set into motion my evolution to remove elements from the gene pool that are not desirable, or to trim the gene pool so it doesn't get too big.
    When AIDS is cured, and I'm sure it will be, something even more ferocious and deadly will come along that will be even harder to cure, and will affect even more people, and at some point there will be no solution, and by then moral decay will be so great, that we will have no one to blame but ourselves.