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Welcome to my Other Photo page. Here you can find photos and explications of them, taken by various people.This page should take 75 seconds to load on a 28.8 kbps conncection.

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The members of the 1997 Chess Club

People, from left to right.

Dustin: Dustin was an acquaintance, and a friend of sorts.A little strange.. (boy is THAT the pot calling the kettle black!). Dustin is now a sophomore at my college.

Keith: Keith and I are good friends, though at the time of this photo, we had been introduced. We met in journalism class, and shared a common interest in high-living and computers. Keith is a senior this year.

Shawn: One of the biggest boys in our school, he makes me wonder why we didn't have a foot ball team. I've  barely even met him. I don't even remember what class he is.

Austin: Don't worry, though it took a long time, puberty has hit our friend Austin and he no longer has that scary boy-ish look. Austin is another person I rarely talk to. He is a junior this year.. or is he a senior?

Matt: I don't know much about Matt.. haven't herd anything since he graduated 2 years ago.

Meredith: A good friend that I enjoyed many a fine meal with, Meredith is attending Gordon College, and from what I hear she loves it. She is was the second in her class.

Jason: Yes.. he's the one with the mosaics over him. He has in the past specifically requested that no photos be posted or taken for that matter, so in order to not piss him off, I've mosaicd him. I'd probably consider him one of my four best friends. He attends Juniata college in nowhere, PA.

Me: Yea. That's me. Big freaking deal. :)

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Of all of my friends.. Robbie is the one that I have no recent photography of. This picture is four years old this month. That's his dog Will, who is now much larger. (The photo is a reprint from a heavily damaged color image with a couple hours correction.. and this was the best I had!). I think he's a junior, but I can't really tell.

Other People Who I Have no pictures to show you:

Nate: Before my life became far too busy, Nate and I worked on Relics. We never got much accomplished, but always had fun. He is working on a big project called DevNet 98, which is a chat program for the internet with a cool interface. He is a senior this year.

Gary: Gary and I don't get a chance to talk too much any more, but before I was working 40 hours a week, we enjoyed many a fun time together. Ah.. the memories. Gary is a freshman at Bristol Community College this year.

Johnny W: The admin if, he is a real computer nut. He has got it pretty good though.. goes to Moses Brown High School, has a great girl friend, and a decent PC system. He's a Junior this year.

EIC: A great source of enjoyable conversation, she was the EIC of The Villager when I joined, and has been a source of great emotional help. She goes to Harvard, as she was the valedictorian of her class.

Lisa: Lisa is... well.. Lisa! What more is to be said. Several good meals were also enjoyed in her company, mainly at the Olive Garden. She is going to Brown, also the valedictorian of HER class.

Matt: Matt, a different one from above, is into swords and guns (not in a bad way). He also does civil war re-enactment, which is very cool. I recently went on a tour of his house. The artifacts there are amazing! I wish I had bought a camera! He is also going to Brown.